Options for streamlining the outline process

First of all, a tip that always works:

Prior to every meeting concerning essays, ask your consultant: “which essay will we be working on during our next meeting?” Prior to the next meeting, think about alternative topics for that essay. This will make the meeting more efficient and shorter.

Secondly, here are four alternatives for efficient shortcuts to the outline process:

1. Some candidates find that the following process works well:

a. Write the outline on your own and send it to your consultant.
b. Review the outline with your consultant during a meeting or by phone.
c. Write the essay.

2. When working on career essays (“What are your goals?” “Why an MBA?”, etc.), instead of creating an outline, just do a brainstorming session with your consultant before writing the essay. It might save about half an hour of ARINGO work. Doing more than one outline for career essays is not recommended, since these types of outlines are usually very similar to one another.

3. Skip the outlines for personal essays (for example: “What matters most to you and why?”) and instead do a brainstorming session with your consultant before writing these essays. The benefits of doing outlines for personal essays are medium (at best) or even negligible.

4. Completely skip the outlines. Just do brainstorming sessions with your consultant before writing the essay. Many clients find this option the most efficient and cost-effective of all.

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