Homework for your first ARINGO interview preparation meeting

Do the homework to:
A. Shorten meeting time.
B. Increase meeting effectiveness.

  1. Review the ARINGO Intelligence Report on the school. If your interviewer’s name appears, focus on it.
    Prepare answers to the questions that were asked in the past.
    (Importance: 5 out of 5 (5 is highest importance)).
  2. Check the ARINGO intelligence report for the school: is the interviewer likely to have your essays? If so, read the essays that you sent to this school. Think about questions that the interviewer may have.
    (Importance: 4 out of 5).
  3. Prepare 3 bullet point answers for each of The Big 9 (very common questions).
    (Importance: 3 out of 5).
    Try to keep each of your answers to a maximum of 2 verbal minutes, preferably less, in order to maintain the interviewer’s interest and attention.
  4. Prepare tentative answers for other interview questions.
    (Importance: 1 out of 5).
  5. If you need to send your resume to your interviewer, and you still didn’t prepare a resume:
    Turn your PDM to a resume by using the ARINGO resume example.
  6. Consider audio-recording your preparation session so you can later listen to it and learn from it.

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