The Top Ranked MBA Programs that specialize in Business Analytics are designed for candidates who are looking to apply analytics and data-driven decision-making to optimize business performance. These programs offer the opportunity to lead, recognize contemporary business knowledge and skills that can take graduates to an exceptional level in terms of career progression, employability, and earning potential.

The curriculum equips the student with both technical skills and business acumen to understand modern issues and practices in digital and analytics-driven economies. The student will develop practical interpersonal skills to bring positive organizational and market changes. This additionally provides an opportunity to explore and learn modern management tools, big data, databases, digitization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, key software, and analytics in the context of business operations and build the expertise and capabilities required to be an effective leader. Or in other words, you won’t need to populate a DB with data, but you will know how to use its data leading to the optimised business result.

Studying towards an MBA with a business analytics specialization from a Top Ranked MBA program will not only help acquire the business knowledge essential to success but will also develop the crucial characteristics – such as strong communication and interpersonal skills, quantitative knowledge, and technical skills – most sought after in the highly competitive global business environment.

From Microsoft to McKinsey, the vast numbers of companies employing MBAs with business analytics specialization graduates typically look to fill these key roles: Business intelligence analyst, big data analyst, Management analyst/consultant, Market research analyst, Data scientist, Marketing manager.

Here is the list of Best MBA Programs in Business Analytics: according to the US News 2021 MBA Rankings