Gwen Dreilinger

Senior Application Consultant With ARINGO since 2009

Gwen has worked with 258 ARINGO candidates and helped over 100 candidates get accepted to all top-10 MBA programs with a total of over $1,000,000 in scholarships.

Gwen’s clients were admitted to the MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Columbia, Chicago, Kellogg, Berkeley, LBS, INSEAD, Duke, UCLA, Michigan, Darden, Tuck, Cornell, Cornell Tech, Yale, Georgetown, NYU, UNC, USC, Kelley, Olin, IE, IESE, HEC, Foster, Rochester, Cambridge, Oxford, Ivey, Cranfield, Manchester, LSE, IMD, NUS, and many others.

Gwen’s verified reviews:

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Gwen’s clients were offered the following scholarships:

$80,000 (HBS) ; $160,000 (Stanford) ; $30,000 (Yale) ; $204,000 (Booth) ; $40,000 (Yale) ; £25,000 (Judge) ; $204,000 (Booth) ; $29,000 (Georgetown) ; $60,000 (Tuck) ; $60,000 (Cornell Tech) ; $40,000 (NYU) ; $191,000 (Olin) ; $3000 (Darden) ; $15,000 (Tuck) ; $20,000 (MIT) ; $60,000 (Booth) ; $20,000 (Ross) ; $63,000 (Columbia) ; $81,000 (Harvard) ; $100,000 (MIT) ; $60,000 (Booth) ; $30,000 (Ross) ; $67,000 (Ross) ; $40,000 (UCLA) ; £25,000 (LBS) ; $130,000 (Booth – Carlton) ; $20,000 (Yale) ; $31,000 (Cornell) ; $20,000 (MIT) ; $70,000 (Kellogg) ; $169,000 (Booth – Carlton) ; $20,000 (Kelley) ; $190,000 (Olin) ; €10,000 (INSEAD) ; $80,000 (USC) ; $100,000 (UCLA) ; $20,000 (Cornell Tech) ; $50,000 (Wharton) ; $170,000 (Booth – Carlton) ; $25,000 (MIT) ; $150,000 (Wharton)

Gwen has been helping clients, family members and friends prepare application essays and resumes since 2000.

Her son and daughter have been accepted into undergraduate and graduate programs at Cornell, Columbia (both children), Georgetown, George Washington, Wesleyan, and Northwestern, among others.

Gwen’s own application work got her into Northwestern University, and the University of Connecticut School of Law, from both of which institutions she graduated with Honors. She received several awards in law school for excellence in her classes.

Gwen’s superb and persuasive writing skills have been honed during her years as a successful family lawyer in the US. Her legal memoranda and briefs, prepared on her clients’ behalf, have been consistently praised by the Connecticut courts and, more importantly, almost always resulted in a successful outcome for her clients.

Besides her work at ARINGO, Gwen has written and edited for non-governmental organizations. Her freelance editing skills also continue to be sought after by friends who wish to take advantage of her ability to create compelling narratives. Most recently she helped a family friend get accepted to Vassar College.

Outside the professional sphere, Gwen’s devotion to writing shows in the creative, entertaining stories she crafts for her 9 year old daughter’s delight.

“I LOVE Gwen, she’s so available, amazing – she really transformed my essays.”

“I’m happy with Gwen, she is available and responsive.”

“I would like to thank you and your team for the splendid work and the detailed reviews on my application materials.”

“Five stars aren’t enough to express my satisfaction and gratitude for what ARINGO has done for me.

For the last year, I agonized over whether or not I would get in. Now I am agonizing over where to go. This is the most enjoyable problem I have ever faced!

Thank you so much for everything Gwen and Shimri have done for me. You have helped turn a distant dream into a reality.”

“Dear Gwen,
I am excited to let you know I have been accepted to my number one choice!
I wanted to thank you personally for all the hard work.
I am aware that it is your job, but you have been phenomenal in every aspect.
Thanks for putting up with soon to be deadlines, the swift responses, the attentivness and the outsanding ability to magically turn a plain text into a Mark-Twain-Like novel.”

“I think we’re finally done with our application essays for 3 schools! I’m super happy with the end result and I would never have gotten something half as good even if I had 10 years to work on it. Your help was truly amazing :)”

“I would like to thank you very much for the guidance, support, and advice in preparing my application. I have no doubt that without your help I would not have submitted the documents on time. The creativity, caring, thinking outside the box and the encouragement to try to get the best out of myself has helped me submit a finished product that gives me a real chance of being accepted to Harvard. I thank you very much for the help, assistance, and encouragement and I would be happy to recommend your services to any inquiriers.”