Texas McCombs Video Assessment

Texas McCombs is excited to introduce the Video Assessment as a new application component for the 2022-23 admissions cycle. Given all applicants will complete the Video Assessment, MBA candidates will have increased accessibility to the application process and the opportunity to share their story with us in their own voice. Through the Video Assessment, the Admissions Committee will have a chance to experience the “real” you, beyond a resume, test scores, and transcripts.

All applicants will be required to complete the Video Assessment shortly after submitting their application and paying the fee. Applicants have 7 days to complete the assessment upon receiving access to the video submission platform. There will be 7 question prompts and applicants will have 3 minutes to answer each prompt.

MBA candidates with a submitted application, whose application fee has been paid or waived will be invited to take part in our Texas McCombs Video Assessment. The video assessment is virtual and on-demand, so applicants can complete it from anywhere in the world at a time in the day convenient to them. The video assessment will help the Admissions Committee evaluate the following competencies that are crucial for the fit and success of our students within the program and their future careers: 

Adaptability/Resilience    Ambition 
Motivation   Career Goals 
Empathy/Inclusivity   Verbal Communication 
Collaboration   Self-Awareness 

 Applicants will be asked to use the video assessment tool to record responses to seven questions, with each response lasting no more than three minutes each. Detailed instructions will be provided with the video assessment invitation so you know what to expect, and applicants will have the opportunity to practice as many times as they wish before completing the final video assessment.  Applicants will have seven days from the invitation to complete the final video assessment. 

This is your time to show us your personality and enthusiasm! We recommend that you prepare for the video assessment similarly to how you might prepare for an interview.  Think reflectively about your work experience, strengths, weaknesses, and practice your delivery. More tips will be provided in the coming weeks. 

What is the Admissions Committee Looking For?

This application requirement helps the Admissions Committee better understand who you are in your own voice and allows us to assess your communication skills. Within the video assessment we are evaluating the following competenciesimportant for every Texas McCombs MBA student: 


We are looking for applicants that demonstrate adaptability and resilience through their positive mindset and ability to navigate unexpected circumstances and change. Successful applicants see failure as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow, demonstrated by their coachability and openness to feedback. 


The Admissions Committee is looking for applicants with a genuine interest in pursuing an MBA and a clear understanding of how it will help to achieve their professional goals. Applicants should understand why Texas McCombs is the right place to pursue their studies and show enthusiasm for their goals and our MBA program.


Texas McCombs MBA students demonstrate empathy by understanding others’ perspectives. The Admissions Committee is looking for candidates that advocate for under-represented voices and navigate difficult conversations/situations appropriately. Successful applicants embrace and work within diverse teams. 


We are looking for applicants that demonstrate strong collaboration skills with their ability to strategically position themselves in a group due to their self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. They are easy to work with and comfortable relying on others’ strengths. 


The Admissions Committee is looking for candidates that demonstrate ambition and have the ability to deliver results. They show the potential to strategically synthesize information to solve complex problems at a high level. They utilize an enterprising and tenacious approach to problem-solving and are intellectually curious. 


A strong applicant puts significant thought and consideration into their decision-making in applying for this program. They have a long-term vision of how they plan to achieve their goals. 


We are looking for applicants that are able to explain what drives them outside of work and careerThey are well-rounded and display interests and passions in their personal life. Their personality is shaped by various hobbies or interests. 

Verbal Communication

The Admissions Committee is looking for candidates that are excellent verbal communicators. They are proficient and skilled in speaking and presenting in the English language, and they can articulate their thoughts clearly. Strong applicants are engaging, and they can think on their feet. 


Strong applicants display maturity, poise, answers questions, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. They present themselves professionally and can conduct themselves appropriately in a business setting. 

Tips for Completing Your Video Assessment

The video assessment is your official opportunity to share your story, provide examples, and tell us why you chose McCombs in your own voice, like no one else can. Take advantage of this opportunityIt can be just the thing the Admissions Committee needs to understand the rest of your application elements and gives us the chance to get to know you better. 

  1. Practice: You will have the ability to practice responding to test questions for as long as you wish. Take advantage of the opportunity! The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be with the technology when answering the real prompts.
  2. Test Technology: Virtual Assessments are conducted through the Kira platform. It will require a desktop or laptop computer (no iPhones/iPads) with a functioning webcam, microphone, and internet connection. We recommend connecting directly to your internet for the most reliable internet connection – and make sure you have plenty of charge on your laptop or that you are plugged in! Most browsers are compatible (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) but the platform will not work well on Safari.  
  3. Pace Yourself: A big reason that we limit responses to three minutes is because it is GREAT practice for your MBA experience.  Keeping responses concise, yet clear, is important when recruiting for U.S.-based jobs. However, make sure you are answering the question in full! Those practice questions will be a great way to gauge what three minutes actually feels like when responding to a question. 
  4. Be Professionalbut Loosen Up: If you still find yourself nervous, practice your answers in front of a mirror or with a friend or colleague and ask them how you did. Did you answer the question? Did you rush through it? Take a moment to outline your answer in your mind first, and then address it calmly and confidently.  Don’t get too comfortable, though. While we’re an easy-going group, maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism is always a good idea. This includes professional language and attire.