Harvard published the initial class profile for its Class of 2018 that will begin its studies this September:

Of 9,759 applications submitted, 11% were accepted and 942 registered. The school’s yield stands at 90%.

Of the general students, 401 are women (43%). The average age among students is 27, the median GMAT score is 730, and the average GPA is 3.67.

The 2018 class is especially diverse in terms of student nationality, with 332 foreign students (35%) from 69 countries – 14% from Asia, 11% from Europe, and 5% from Central and South America.

In terms of academic background, 38% hail from exact sciences, 41% from economics and business management, and 21% from humanities and social sciences.

In terms of career experience, 15% of students come from consulting, 15% from hi-tech and communications, 11% from financial services, 7% from commodities, and 8% from public service, education, and non-profit.