Top MBA Programs that have a specialization in General Management are very popular and cover everything one needs to start or continue a career within a large organization. This specialization gives candidates the option to build general management skills even further. Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, people management, and risk management. There are many electives the top MBA programs offer that help strengthen the core and advanced management skills and develop skills that can be applied to many practice areas in almost any industry.

These top-ranked MBA programs are designed for individuals wanting to focus on higher-level management problems and direct and indirect supervision of employees. An MBA with a general management specialization offers students a broad base of knowledge in business and management.

While the curriculum varies from school to school. General management courses from any Top MBA program and business school typically includes:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing

The variety of roles that students could move into after graduating means that MBA programs with a General Management specialization are a good choice if one is looking to keep his/her career options open.

An MBA graduate with a General Management specialization is better suited to adjust to changes in an industry or move between jobs in different fields. They are also likely to be well-suited to mid-level management positions because they can see the big picture and lead a team of specialists successfully.

Potential careers and advancement opportunities include management roles in Business, Human Resource Management and international workforce development, international business contexts including business entrepreneurship and regional development, Education, Health services development, Public Service, Tech firms, and elsewhere.

Here is the list of Top Ranked MBA programs that have a General Management or Strategy Specialization:


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