A very common question ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting receives frequently is whether to apply to top-ranked business schools in the last round possible (round 3 for most US schools) or wait a year and submit an application in round 1 for the next year’s intake. Round 1 is the best but round 3 has a couple of benefits too- especially this year!

Here are all the reasons why one should apply in round 3:

  • Improve your offer: If you already have MBA admissions offer to a top school, there is no need to play it safe anymore and you might want to apply to a more competitive MBA program and upgrade your offer. The best part is that there is nothing to lose. You have a great offer and you are checking if you can improve it.
  • Save the year: Yes, can wait a year and defer your plans. Or, you can do your best and apply this year, in a late-round, even if this means applying to a less competitive school. Why not give it a try? Schools have spots, and hopefully one of them has your name on it!
  • You might only be ready now: You may have just realized that MBA is the next right step for you or the earlier rounds were not feasible for you. While it may be tough to get into round 3, you still can take a chance. In case you get an admission offer, you will save a year. And if not, you can always reapply in the fall.
  • Schools might have spaces (due to covid or other reasons): Several top programs will still be looking for top candidates, especially if many r1 or r2 candidates rejected or deferred their acceptance offers. So, the chances of getting into a school in Round 3 this year will be higher than any other year.
  • Practice now, then submit in Round 1: Leaving work and joining a top-ranked business school, full time, for 1-2 years, is one of the biggest decisions and commitments one takes. Also, the MBA application process is not that simple and requires extensive self-reflection, organization, and work. Even if your r3 application isn’t perfect, it can get you ready to apply next year. The work you do this season will actually help you develop stronger applications next season if reapplication is necessary.
  • Need more motivation? ARINGO has a special offer for Round 3 applicants. Buy 3 full school packages for round 3 for Fall 2022, and if you don’t get at least 2 interviews or one offer, ARINGO will work with you for free on 2 full school applications in round 1 next year!

There is still more than a month for round 3 deadlines for most of the schools. So, get started now!

Here is the list of schools with late deadlines for programs starting in Sep22 or Jan23: https://aringo.com/low-season-deadlines/

To find out more about your chances and our exciting offer, contact us today