Recommendations are one of the most important parts of an application. You should invest thought into choosing recommenders who can write the best recommendation to advance your candidacy. In the coming weeks we will posts some tips in choosing recommenders.
Here are the first tips:

1. The level of excitement that the recommender demonstrates, and the reasons for this excitement (supporting examples), are most important.

2. The longer and more intense the acquaintance is, the better.

3. Recommendations that describe the candidate’s background in the exact same industry name mentioned in the career plan are preferred.

4. Recommendations that attest to the candidate’s leadership and management background are preferred.

To summarize, the Ideal Acquaintance Context:
In general, schools are looking for recommenders who know the candidate very well, on the basis of an experience that is:
1) As long as possible.
2) As intense as possible.
3) Experience that is preferably work-related.

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Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)