A Businessweek article reports on a new QS survey that shows an increase of 14% in MBA recruitment from 2012 to 2013. The most significant increase was felt in Asia (mainly India and China), while the increase in North America was more moderate at only 2%.

Financial services account for a quarter of this year’s positions and showed a global increase of 11%, with a drop of 1% in North America. The areas of consulting, technology, and general industry recorded a growth of 11% in recruitment.

In terms of salary for MBA graduates, this year showed a global increase- an increase of 4% in North America (mainly thanks to bonuses that compensated for a 1% drop in salary) and an increase of 8% in Asia.

The QS survey was conducted between March and July 2013 among 4,318 large employers in 39 countries. QS expects that next year will show a rise in demand for MBA graduates in most markets around the world, including North America, where recruiters are expected to recruit 16% more graduates in 2014.

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