The current coronavirus pandemic has had industries across the board transitioning to a new online format. One of those being the GMAT test. In April the GMAC announced that the GMAT test will be available to take online due to the closing of testing centers. To assist test takers in the quantitative section of the test, an online whiteboard was feature was added. However, it was found that the online whiteboard was very difficult to use and was too time-consuming. It was faced with heavy criticism, with one person even saying in an online forum, that they need to spend just as much time practicing using the whiteboard, as they do studying for the test.

Due to this criticism, GMAC announced that as of June 11th, test takers will be allowed to use physical whiteboards whilst taking the online test.

Vineet Chhabra, senior director and head of the GMAT product at GMAC, said “While we have seen GMAT Online exam score outcomes comparable to exams delivered in test centers, we’ve heard the market and are excited to provide candidates with options and additional flexibility, helping ensure they can be at their best on exam day.”

GMAC also announced that they will extend the online exam option until July 17th .

For more updates, check out the GMAC website.