Some more news from the job market, this time from the employee side: a new Wall Street Journal survey reveals that more students at the top MBA programs name technology firms as their targeted post-degree workplace. Four such companies- Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon claimed 4 spots out of the top 10 popular employers in the survey. Amazon, for example, was chosen by 10.6% of students who participated in the survey, a significant increase from its 6% in 2008.

Consulting firms, however, still retain the top spot with 29% naming McKinsey, with Bain and BCG also claiming spots in the top 10. Big banks, like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are still considered attractive by graduates, though they are offering offer less positions in sales and trading as in the past.

Here are the top 10 employers sought by graduates:

McKinsey & Co. – 29.1%

Google – 27.8%

Bain & Co. – 22.3%

BCG – 19.6%

Goldman Sachs -19.1%

Apple -15.3%

Facebook -12.7%

Blackstone Group – 12.4%

Amazon – 10.6%

Ideo -10.4%

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