As the peak of the top-ranked MBA programs admission season commences, all schools are conducting open virtual or face2face events. These events provide you with a personalized opportunity to discuss your career and study moves one on one with university representatives and admissions officers. Events allow you to learn more about admissions processes, funding, application processes, and what makes each program unique, to help you make a more informed choice.

Before attending an event, we suggest ensuring doing your research and know key components about the specific program and curriculum. This will help you prepare smart questions that cannot be found on the school’s official website. If you have met with/know alumni, make sure to have their names and grad years, and anything they shared about the schools that may be relevant to your journey.  In case you haven’t managed to meet students or alumni before meeting Adcoms, you can always ask in these events what is the best way to connect with current students.

In some cases, it is easier to meet school reps at MBA fairs, wherein multiple schools participate. In such a case, a candidate should make a list of schools he/she want to get face time with.

When attending the events, make a note of the key takeaways and who you spoke with. This information will come in handy when writing applications for illustrating your long-term interest in the program.

After the event/meeting is over, it is always good to follow up with a quick email thanking the person for their time and sharing their insights. This will go long way in helping them remember your name & face when you submit your application 😊. Beyond your profile and aspirations, these efforts give you an edge over others.

Schools generally have an event calendar on their website. You can also check more about fairs on the ARINGO MBA Global Events page

To summarize, here are the top 4 reasons why you should attend the top MBA information events:

  1. You’ll meet and make valuable connections like admission officers, alumni, other applicants, etc.
  2. You can ask both specific and general questions
  3. Events are free to attend. And sometimes you even get perks like getting an application fee waiver in information sessions.
  4. You can use the information you gathered in your application essays or interviews

So, there is everything to gain in attending the events. It not only helps you with the applications but also to understand your fit with the school. Doing an MBA is a big step- so make sure you have all the details by researching the schools, first hand. Step one should always be MBA information events.