A new study published last month by GMAC reports that 52% of full-time MBA programs in the U.S. reported an increase in submitted applications over 2012. This represents the first time since 2009 that a majority of U.S. MBA programs reported an increase from the previous year, with a large percentage of the growth accounted for by international applicants – 56% of the programs received more applications from international applicants, while 59% received less applications from domestic applicants compared with the previous year.

The GMAC application survey included 683 graduate business and management programs at 328 schools in 42 countries. The survey also revealed an increase in demand for European Master in Management programs, with 73% of these programs reporting an increase in applications since 2012, with only 38% of full-time one-year MBA programs in Europe reporting an increase. The growth for professional MBA programs, like EMBA, online, and part-time was unimpressive, with only 29% of part-time MBA programs receiving more applications than in 2012.

As opposed to the increase in demand for U.S. programs, there was a decrease reported for Asian programs, with only 46% reporting an increase in application volume.
The survey also evaluated the financial aid arena, and found that 96% of full-time two-year MBA programs offer financial aid for students for financing tuition, with 43% of the students at these programs receive scholarships.

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