According to a Poets & Quants article, it seems that 2012 was a good year for MBA graduate recruitment. The article reports that the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business school career services offices and companies who recruit MBA graduates, reported that 45% of business schools showed an increase in on-campus recruitment activity in 2012. The job supply also increased with 58% of schools reporting an increase in the number of positions offered last year.

These findings reinforce earlier findings regarding an improvement in the job market for MBA graduates. The association’s survey including 76 MBA programs around the world, with more than half of them ranked in the world’s top 50. Among top-20 schools, 47% reported an increase in supply of full-time positions and among schools ranked 21-50, 40% reported a similar increase. These findings testify to the economic recovery and are an encouraging sign that graduates will easily re-enter the job market.

In addition to the encouraging data about full-time positions, a small improvement has been shown in recruitment for summer internships, mainly in the areas of consulting and technology. The schools themselves also assist students in finding work through different academic programs, relocation support, and training in career-search strategies.

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Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)