Ahead of the New Year, GMAC published data that might interest current MBA students:
First, employment numbers are recovering after the economic crisis of the last few years. Among all the MBA students who sought work in 2011, 54% received at least one job offer before graduation, as opposed to only 32% in 2010.

GMAC also emphasized the summer internship since those 2011 MBA graduates who were summer interns had a 26% better chance of a job offer before graduation than those who were not. A majority of companies in the employer poll reported that they offered paid internships in 2011, and 69% planned on offering paid internships in 2012. Twenty-two percent planned to increase the number of internships they offer.

Another encouraging finding was that 22% of the companies plan to increase the number of MBA’s they recruit in 2012. About a third of the companies that plan to recruit MBA graduates in 2012 plan to increase the base salary from 2011, while 65% plan to leave the starting salary unchanged.

In terms of MBA admissions, about 67% of full-time MBA programs reported a decrease in the number of applications for this year, but this does not mean it is easier to get accepted. Eighty-nine percent of programs claimed that the quality and academic numbers for this year’s candidates were identical to or better than last year’s.

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)