GMAC published new data showing that 95% of 2013 U.S. MBA alumni (who finished in June 2013) already found full-time jobs by September 2013, as opposed to only 82% among European graduates. The overall global rate stood at 90%, a small drop from 92% last year.
Despite the lower employment rates in Europe, the alumni there actually earn higher salaries – the median starting salary for graduates of one-year and two-year European MBA programs is $101,093, as opposed to $90,000 among two-year U.S. program graduates.

GMAC surveyed 915 alumni from 129 different programs for the research. A majority of participants who found work claimed that their MBA degree greatly contributed to their finding employment, and that they believe the degree helped them develop their skills, widen their network connections, and prepared them for the job market.

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