The Princeton Review published last month its ranking of U.S. business schools along various categories. This ranking diverges slightly from the popular rankings and offers an insider view of schools and their atmospheres. Candidates who are not only interested in a school’s prestige and graduates’ salaries can employ this ranking in their school selection.

Best Campus Environment
1. Columbia University
2. University of California (Los Angeles)
3. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4. Dartmouth College
5. Sanford University
6. The University of Texas at Austin
7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8. Vanderbilt University
9. The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa
10. Pennsylvania State University

Best Professors
1. University of California (Berkeley)
2. Harvard University
3. The University of Texas at Austin
4. Yale University
5. University of Virginia
6. Vanderbilt University
7. The Ohio State University
8. Rice University
9. Cornell University
10. Dartmouth College

Most Competitive Students 
1. Acton School of Business
2. Purdue University
3. Texas A&M University (College Station)
4. University of Pennsylvania
5. Bryant University
6. Howard University
7. University of Rochester
8. University of Miami
9. Texas Christian University
10. The University of Texas at Dallas

Greatest Opportunity For Women
1. Simmons School of Management
2. University of San Diego
3. Brandeis University
4. Pepperdine University
5. The George Washington University
6. University of California (Davis)
7. University of California (Berkeley)
8. University of Washington
9. University of California (Los Angeles)
10. Babson College

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