An important update from GMAC:

“The Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam will offer four new question formats that ask future business students to synthesize information from different sources to solve problems, sort spreadsheet-like tables, interpret graphics, and make comparative analysis. These formats will make their debut in the Next Generation GMAT exam, launching in June 2012…

The new 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section will include 12 to 15 questions in four new formats:
Multi-Source Reasoning. The questions are accompanied by two to three sources of information presented on tabbed pages. Test takers click on the tabs and examine all the relevant information─which may be a combination of text, charts, and tables─to answer questions.
Table Analysis. Test takers will be presented with a sortable table of information, similar to a spreadsheet, which has to be analyzed to find whether answer statements are accurate.
Graphics Interpretation. Test takers will be asked to interpret a graph or graphical image, and select the option from a drop-down list to make response statements accurate.
Two-Part Analysis. A question will involve two components for a solution. Possible answers will be given in a table format with a column for each component and rows with possible options; test takers will be asked to consider the options provided.

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