HUZZAH! You’ve been invited to interview at a Top MBA Program! After weeks (even months) of grueling over your resume and essays, there is no better validation than realizing that you are in the top half to the top third of applicants. Way to go!

MBA interview

MBA interview

But instead of feeling relieved and excited, you’re feeling nervous. Your thoughts about how the interview will go and how you’ll appear to your interviewer feel nonstop. What if my resume isn’t as impressive as the other candidates they meet? Is my English good enough?

Here are some expert insights for dispelling those pre-interview nerves, so you can focus your time on what’s really important – preparation!

  1. They already like you! An interview is not an audition, but an opportunity for two parties to see if they have the right chemistry to be successful together. In MBA interviews, the emphasis is not on elimination, but on matching. Just like going out for a job interview or even a first date, the other party has already seen some of what you have to offer, and they’re looking to know more. If you’ve been invited, then feel confident in the knowledge that the MBA admissions committee already believes you are a match, and they’re looking for reasons to confirm their initial feeling about you.
  2. There are no wrong answers. I repeat, there are no wrong answers. MBA interviewers are not interested in finding candidates who fit a certain mold or who answer questions in a prescribed way. In fact, MBA programs conduct one-on-one interviews using open-ended questions because they recognize that each person is unique, with merits and experiences that won’t be easily compared to those of others. There are no wrong answers because the process is totally subjective and no two answers to any question will be the same. Your answers can never be wrong, they can only be yours!
  3. Practice makes perfect. I have yet to meet the MBA candidate who was born with flawless interview skills. Even those who have a relatively easy time striking a rapport with new people need to bone up on storytelling skills to have a successful interview. Since most MBA interviews do not “reinvent the wheel,” it’s possible to beat your interview nerves by getting prepared with commonly asked MBA interview questions. Think of your interview skills as a muscle that is bound to grow the more you flex it!

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