MIT Sloan’s admission committee published an update for Round 2 candidates about interviews:

Applicants who submitted Round 2 applications will receive interview invitations February 14-28, while applicant not invited to interview will receive final notification by February 28th.

The admissions committee will conduct interviews on campus and at 15 additional cities around the world, with invitations being be sent out at least a week ahead of the interview date. All of the interviews are conducted by admissions committee members, not by students or alumni.

Each interview is composed of 3 segments:

  1. In the first segment, candidates will be asked a question about their application. For example, the interviewer might ask the candidate to expand on a story from one of the essays, or to describe a position mentioned in the CV.
  2. The second segment will include behavioral questions testifying to candidates’ skills and enabling the interviewers to better get to know them. For example, candidates may be asked to tell about a time they had to motivate a co-worker. 
  3. In the third segment, candidates will be given the opportunity to ask the interviewers questions.  

Put Me in Business (applying in less than a year)
Put Me in Business (applying in more than a year)