On June 26th 2016, ARINGO will be hosting a free Webinar, together with e-GMAT about how to get into the top 10 MBA schools in the world.

Free Webinar: “How to get into the top 10 MBA schools”

ARINGO will be hosting a free Webinar, together with e-GMAT, on June 26th 2016, at 7 AM PST about increasing your chances of getting into one of the top 10 MBA programs. Tune in if you are interested in learning more about topics such as:

  • General information about the top 10 MBA programs, including their specializations, costs, scholarships, potential future income and top recruiters from the programs;
  • What the top MBA schools are looking for in potential candidates;
  • How to write a top-notch application for these schools, including tips related to essays, your resume and choosing the right recommenders for your application.


ARINGO is also giving away a 3-hour consulting package, valued at $720 for one e-GMAT student attending the Webinar.

About the speaker

Michelle Miller is the CEO of ARINGO Americas and has over 10 years of experience in higher education. She is a PhD candidate in the field of Higher Education Administration and holds a master’s degree in Psychology and an undergraduate in Business and Management. She has worked in University Admissions and Recruiting departments as an advisor, scholar and leader. At ARINGO she is in charge of pairing prospective MBA students with valuable resources, including some of the best admissions consultants in the industry. Michelle takes pride in building long-term relationships with students, as well as alumni, admissions committees and corporations, as she believes this benefits both ARINGO’s past and future candidates.

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