A survey conducted by Universum and published by CNN Money checked at which companies MBA graduates would like to work after graduation. The survey was conducted among 5,748 students at 79 top U.S. MBA programs between November 2011 and March 2012, and the participants were asked to choose the five companies at which they would like to be employed among a list of 175 companies.
The top three companies also topped the list last year- Google was in the top spot for the sixth year in a row with 25.3%, McKinsey came in second with 17.7% and Apple placed third with 16.6%.

The survey explains Google’s popularity with the fact that MBA graduates perceive the company as a place they can solve “problems in the real world” that have a global impact, but of course the hefty benefits company employees enjoy also is influential. This year the company employs over 100 trainees from MBA programs and the company still plans to expand its staff significantly.

McKinsey in the second spot is considered by the survey as a company were MBAs can work on important and challenging topics for top companies and institutions in the public and private sectors.

The survey also provides tips for candidates and top companies and reveals what they are looking for.  At Google, for example, they look for candidates strong in problem solving and knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of areas, who know how to show flexibility and adapt to changes and developments.

Below are places 4-15 in the survey:
4. Bain & Company 13.21%
5. Boston Consulting Group 12.87%
6. Amazon.com 11.94%
7. Goldman Sachs Group 10.71%
8. Facebook 9.35%
9. Nike 8.87%
10. JPMorgan 8.68%
11. Deloitte 8.38%
12. Walt Disney 8.08%
13. IDEO 7.06%
14. Blackstone Group 6.96%
15. Johnson and Johnson 6.86%

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