A question we at ARINGO run into from time to time is whether or not it is possible to get an MBA if you don’t have an undergraduate degree. Most applicants interested in an MBA obviously have an undergraduate degree, but there are some applicants who only have a shorter degree, as those are possible in some countries, or a degree with another name. We have even worked with successful applicants who got pulled into the high-tech, investment banking or family business without any degrees. So what about these applicants? Can they apply to an MBA program or not?

The answer is “it Is doable, but complex”. Most top business schools, will turn such applicants away immediately, without even looking at their application, as the undergraduate degree is a basic requirement for their MBA programs. So, most business schools will not be an option for these applicants, but that does not mean that any MBA is out of the question for those lacking an undergraduate degree.

There are some business schools out there, who generally want you to have an undergraduate degree, but who will accept applicants without one as well. One notable example is Oxford Said, a business school with an excellent reputation in Europe. ARINGO has also had success in helping candidates with no BA or BSc get accepted into the London Business School and into INSEAD in addition to several of the best Canadian business schools. These top MBA programs will consider exceptional candidates for admission, even if they lack an undergraduate degree. Other leading MBA programs might consider such applicants as well, the best way to find out if a specific business school is open to this idea or not is to visit their website and read their requirements for their MBA program, as you will clearly see if an undergraduate degree is listed as a requirement or a recommendation in most cases. Another recommendation, is contacting ARINGO, and exploring your possibilities together.

What is expected of an applicant looking to gain admission to an MBA program without an undergraduate degree?
First of all, the schools will expect such an applicant to provide them with a credible and compelling reason for why they could not get an undergraduate degree.

Evidence of quantitative competence is also a must, an impressive GMAT score is the best way to prove this.

Additionally, the applicants must provide the school in question with an impressive CV, stellar essays and impressive recommendation, just like any other applicant, in order to be considered for admission.