As part of our series of MBA alumni interviews, here is an interview with a Harvard grad:

What is special about your school? In your eyes, what differentiates your school from others?
Strong brand, extensive network, FIELD program, generous Fin aid.

Any recent changes in your school? or in the admission process?
Move to shorter essays, FIELD program, increased emphasis on tech entrepreneurship.

Can you share some details regarding job opportunities and summer internships for students in your school? How strong is the career office? Did the school name/brand give you any advantage when looking for a job? Are there any specific recruiters who mostly recruit from this school?
Really good career office, strong ties with all major companies.

How did you deal with the Visa issue?
Don’t recall any problems. School’s international office is pretty amazing in guiding students through the process and is very responsive.

What did you like about the school/program?
Big program – can find people with common interests. A lot of resources for entrepreneurs.

Who will especially enjoy this school? who will be a good fit to the school?
People who love to debate and feel comfortable not learning in the traditional model. Requires more work than other b schools.

Any tips for someone who is considering applying to your school?
Focus on your story – need to stand out!