Most international students seek work in the States where there is an abundance of positions and good salaries, and despite difficulties in achieving a work visa, most of the schools reported that international students merge well into the local job market.  Some obstacles stand in the way of the American dream, with a visa at the top of the list. Foreign students bear an F1 visa that lists them as non-immigrant students according to the law and allows them to stay to work in the U.S. for 12 months post-MBA. Students with backgrounds in science, technology, and engineering can stay for 24 months. Upon the end of this period, if they wish to stay to work in the U.S. they need to get an H-1B visa that requires an employer’s sponsorship. There are companies who are not interested in providing this sponsorship and refuse to hire international workers (additional information on the topic can be found at: There are, however, large companies that are prepared to hire foreign employees in their American offices for a year, and then send them to work at company offices in the employee’s native country. Sometimes companies even compensate these employees for the difference in salary with bonuses and benefits.

Of course, not all international students seek employment in the U.S., and there are those that prefer to return home and work in their native countries, especially in growing countries like China.

It is important to note that not all schools questioned agreed to provide information, with most top programs refusing to participate. Among the leading programs that agreed to participate were Chicago, that reported an employment rate of 95.2% for foreign students, and Stanford that reported a 91% rate for international students. Top schools for international employment were those that encouraged foreign students to seek work in the U.S. as well as other countries, to consider companies that have a strong presence in their native countries, and to consider a career in areas with a more international orientation, like supply chain management.

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